• Khairul Effendi Hashim UiTM
  • Anis Husna Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)




Food Safety, Maqasid syariah, Covid-19, Food Entrepreneur, Consumer


Food safety is an essential factor in maintaining health and life, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, and it requires special attention and stricter Standard Operation Procedures (SOP). One of the main principles found in the Maqasid syariah is the preservation of life. Safe food is defined as clean and of high quality and impacts the body's health. This study is qualitative and uses content analysis methods with data collection consisting of books, documents, journals, and websites of the agencies involved. Following that, the food safety position will be analyzed from the standpoint of Maqasid syariah to safeguard benefits and reject harm to consumers. According to the findings of this study, the aspects of safety, quality, hygiene, and materials used in the food manufacturing process must aligned with the concept of Maqasid syariah to ensure consumer health and safety and this study will contribute to the enrichment of knowledge on food safety from the standpoint of Maqasid syariah for the benefit of the community.


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